WireSquare for Fitness

December 4, 2020 | Fitness |

Live online fitness classes aren’t going anywhere in a post- COVID world. Wherever technology goes, the industry follows. We’ve had the technology to produce online fitness classes for a while now- but we’re just now learning to maximize their potential. People are flocking to live classes exponentially, and with good reason.

Why Teach an Online Fitness Class?

What’s the number one reason most people will say they got their gym membership? Accountability. This is why so many well-intentioned treadmill purchases go unused. When there’s no one to answer to but themselves, most people will give themselves a break, only to feel disappointed later. 

What’s the number one reason most people cancel their gym memberships? Inconvenience. It can be hard to find the time to get down to the gym, do a proper workout, and shower/fix yourself up for the rest of the day. 

Taking it live and online is the perfect solution to both of these problems. Clients don’t want to be the only one who missed #motivationmonday. And the commute from couch to in front of the couch is pretty darn convenient.

What to Keep in Mind

If you already have experience as a fitness instructor, you’re lucky enough to have some field research. If not, take some time to think about the following questions:

What do I offer as an instructor? What’s my area of expertise?

What experience do I provide to my students? 

Knowing your style can inform branding, promotion, and the people you reach out to. 

How to Start Designing Fitness Classes

Pick a time of day that suits you, when you can be your best self for your students. The energy in an online class can be just as effective as in person, but you’ve got to bring it. 

Try to offer a few different options during the week that offer different benefits. That way, if a person wants a well-rounded weekly workout, they can keep it simple and take all their classes with you.

Think of fun themes for your workouts, something that will sell your brand. If you’re fun and peppy, why not rotate through different pop star playlists? Or you could teach classes inspired by different Marvel superheroes. Check out your competition, identify any gaps, and make it your own.

Why WireSquare?

With traditional online fitness classes, you and your client have to jump through several hoops. Maybe you post about your classes through Instagram, then interested students send you a payment through PayPal, then you send them the link to a zoom session. Sounds easy enough, until you have to keep track of more than one client. Using this system, you risk:

-Hunting people down (someone’s PayPal info is likely different than the name they’re using on Instagram.)

-Not noticing a payment and/or failing to send the zoom link to each client.

-Having to explain how to sign up for your classes multiple times to multiple people.

-Paying service fees on several services.

Wiresquare is an all-in-one platform, customizable for each instructor. Schedule and write up classes, set up price points, take payments, and input your personal branding imagery/color scheme. The best part? Your classes will stream live through WireSquare. No more having to send out confusing links. 

WireSquare has everything you need to start and maintain an online fitness empire, without all the annoying setbacks. So you have more time to focus on finding those clients, picking all the right moves, and making them sweat.