WireSquare for Virtual Cooking Classes

January 13, 2021 | Cooking |

Diversify your delicious income in an easy, fun, and interactive way.

If you have a few culinary tricks up your sleeve, you know the truth: Nothing beats the satisfaction of enjoying a home-cooked meal. When you know how to put together an exciting plate, there is no shortage of people asking you to spill your secrets. Why not leverage your know-how into a lucrative virtual cooking class?

Why You Should Share Your Culinary Skills

Cooking has some significant mental health benefits. It builds confidence and creativity. People tend to eat more mindfully when they know what went into a meal, slowing down to appreciate the flavors. 

Families and couples can bond through cooking together and learn communication skills that extend outside of the kitchen. 

Most folks realize all of this, and they want to cook more often. But the average person may only feel comfortable with 1 or 2 recipes. If you’ve got the savoir-faire, it’s rewarding to empower the public with a few of your favorite techniques.

Who Should Teach Online Cooking Classes?

From retailers to professional chefs and even home taught heroes, there’s room for food enthusiasts of all levels to share their skills.


Imagine making a purchase, then receiving an exclusive invite to a fun, interactive online event. Maybe you sell a handy kitchen tool, a revolutionary blender, or the tastiest gluten-free pasta in town. Virtual cooking classes are a unique way to share in the customer experience. Not only do you foster brand loyalty, but you also get to show off everything your product can do.


What if clients could take a piece of your curated atmosphere home with them? As a special offer to loyal customers, you might offer up a couple of chic industry tips with an online cooking class. Everyone loves a little peek behind the curtain, and a virtual workshop is a great way to showcase your hardworking chefs.

Food Bloggers

When you run a cooking blog, you already have the recipe for success: An outgoing personality, an enthusiastic approach to food, and the drive to put yourself out there. Take your platform one step further with an online cooking event.

Pre-recorded videos are great, but they don’t allow for interaction. In a virtual cooking class, your students are with you for the entire process. They can chime in with questions, and you can come up with unique games and giveaways for any downtime. You’re sure to create a memorable experience and gain a few new fans in the process.

The Benefits of Going Online

In-person cooking classes are fun, but they aren’t always practical. And they may be intimidating for beginners. When you teach online, you can:

  • Work from home – no venue hunting required.
  • Attract people from around the world.
  • Let students use their own tools in the comfort of their homes.
  • Record and share the session after your event. 

Why Teach with WireSquare?

The WireSquare team has observed the competition and ironed out the kinks. With other virtual cooking classes, a student has to take several steps to sign up. They may have to find an Instagram post, send a dm, transfer the money through a payment app, then wait for a link. As any marketing expert knows, that’s a fast way to lose both a person’s interest and business. 

WireSquare has streamlined the process with an all-in-one platform. One page, one link, no confusion. With your WireSquare membership you can:

  • Set up a landing page with your brand imagery/color scheme
  • Write custom class descriptions.
  • Create your own schedule.
  • Set price points and take payments through WireSquare.
  • Stream live through the WireSquare site.

It’s all taken care of, stress-free. Now all you have to do is decide what’s on the menu.